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LYNC Research Trial

The Night-time Compression for Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema Trial (LYNC), funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, is testing if night-time compression, through self-applied compression bandaging (CB) or use of a night-time compression system garment (NCSG) is helpful in controlling arm lymphedema, sleep, arm function and quality of life.

Who can participate:  Recruitment is ongoing.  Women are eligible for the study if they have arm swelling that has occurred as a result of breast cancer treatment. To participate, patients need have completed their cancer treatments and have no other major health concerns.

What is involved:  All participants will be monitored for changes in their arm swelling with non-invasive measures using the perometer and bioimpedenace. Participants will have five study visits: at the beginning of the study, and at 6, 12, 18 and 24 weeks of the study.  Data collection for the Vancouver site of this 3-site trial (also in Edmonton and Calgary) is Mount Saint Joseph’s Hospital.

Benefits to participants:  Through participation, all participants will receive a NCSG through being part of the study.  In those not initially randomized to the NCSG group, individuals will receive a NCSG after the 12-week end of study time point.  All participants can keep their NCSG after completion of the study.

More information:  For more about the study, please contact the study coordinator, Bolette Rafn, at or 604-827-1914

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