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In Nov 2020 we started our campaign  by asking members to send a Christmas card to newly elected MLA 's.   

In January  2021, the team  started work in earnest.  The outline of our achievements is show in the revers timeline below. 

After two years we are once again asking you, our members, to support our work buy sending a personal letter to your MLA 

The goal is to send the letter ahead of World Lymphedema Day  Monday March 6th 2023

A template for the letter is available here

Fill in the appropriate salutation and address for your local MLA. Click here for contact info:

BCLA: Advocacy Committee Timeline

November 3, 2022 
Lori Haggstrom forecast PharmaCare application review in early 2023

October 5, 2022 
Meeting with seven Ministry of Health MSP staff, chaired by Kala Vandermolen, Senior Policy Analyst, Provincial Services Branch

August 8, 2022 

Meeting with Maura Parte, Director, Provincial and Specialized Services, & Kayla Vandermolen, Senior Policy Analyst, Provincial Services Branch, Ministry of Health

May 16, 2022 

Lori Haggstrom email: PharmaCare application passed preliminary review; forecast independent review by end 2022

November 15, 2021 

2022 Budget Committee report:

Support for lymphatic disorders noted and included in Recommendation #71; BCLA listed in Appendix B

September 29, 2021

Submission to Select Committee on Finance and Government Services: Budget 2022 Consultation

June 18, 2021

Application to PharmaCare: Financial Coverage for Prescription Compression Garments delivered to Lori Haggstrom, Manager, Devices and Providers, Ministry of Health

March 31, 2021 

Christine Chandler call with Lori Haggstrom, Manager, Devices and Providers, Ministry of Health: Guidelines for PharmaCare application content

March 24, 2021

Meeting with Mitch Moneo, Assistant Deputy Minister -- Pharmaceutical, Laboratory & Blood Services; Maria Szabo, Ministerial Assistant to Adrian Dix, Minister of Health

February 22, 2021

Advocacy Committee added 2 members: Janet Frost & Michele MacHattie

November 2020

BCLA Advocacy Committee formed: Christine Chandler, Carol Armstrong, Willa Condy, Rachel Lumsden, Julie Aiken


June 18th 2021 the team after delivering the Pharmacare application  to the Ministry of Health. 

Annual World Lymphedema Day March 6

Every year advocates mount a worldwide campaign to raise awareness about Lymphedema. Representatives from; India, Europe, South America, United States, Canada, and Australia join together on March 6th to recognize World Lymphedema Day.
Each year BCLA requests the BC Legislature to  proclaim that BC acknowledges March 6th as World Lymphedema Awareness Day.

 The day is registered in Hansard.

Why We Need World Lymphedema Day

Great attention is paid to the battle against cancer. Yet, most people haven’t heard of lymphedema, which cancer frequently leaves in its wake.       
We hear little of the children born with lymphatic malformations or those who inherit lymphedema.
There is silence on the issue of wounded war veterans, civilian casualties and others who suffer from lymphedema due to physical trauma or as a result of surgery. Too many who suffer feel alone.
Too many medical professionals remain uneducated about this chronic disease or underplay the devastating impact it has on a person’s quality of life. Too many go without the necessary therapeutic care. Further this tragedy is compounded when government and private health insurers deny patients coverage for even the universally accepted treatments that this disease demands.

A Call to Action

The message from lymphedema and lymphatic disease advocates is clear. “Lymphedema and lymphatic diseases are ready to take their place as international priorities.” The days of being invisible are over. Every year we acknowledge World Lymphedema Day to be celebrated on March 6th. We invite patients, their family and friends, advocates, politicians and treatment practitioners from every country ,to make their voices heard by promoting Awareness about Lymphedema.

Together, we can change the world.

World Lymphedema Day Press Release

2021 Sample Proclamation for Municipalities

Letter to Mayor / City Council

BC Lymphedema Day Poster (General)

BC Lymphedema Day Poster (for those with BCLA Brochures to share)

Letter to Take to Your Dr. re Lymphedema and the BCLA

Annual World Lymphedema Day 

BCLA Letter to MLA

September 2021: Budget 2022 Consultation Submission 

November 2021: Budget 2022 Consultation Report 

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