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Jan 2023 -

I’m a new member this year and want to thank the directors for their work - and congratulation you on making clear goals that we can all relate to and support.

Kim Weatherby - Victoria - Dec 2022

Congratulations Lila and Sonja for your great efforts for creating a garment fund.  A wonderful idea and great dedication on your parts to make it happen. 

Note from Lynn re advocacy

Will Power is a national public education campaign designed to inspire Canadians to think differently about charitable giving and empower them to create positive change through their Wills.

March 2022


You have no idea how grateful I was to receive this email from you.

I have been at such a loss if what to do for so long now.

March 2021
Quick note to congratulate you for the AGM. It is really impressive what your team has accomplished this year. The hard work is very much appreciated.

That was a fabulous meeting. Thank you - you (and your team of directors) are amazing. You have made such a difference with this organization and I appreciate all that you do!

December 2020 - Call to Information Line

Hi Christine. Thanks so much for your kind help and resources. I spoke to the man at the store you mentioned and he suggested something called a cicaid (?) wrap. I spoke to my OT and as great as these helpers are, they offered no advice other than what I'm already doing. I am very thankful for the information and direction you gave me.

March 23, 2020

Dear Christine,

Regrettably the love dedicated to the Annual General Meeting today slipped away all too quickly. While there was sufficient time to succinctly conduct the necessary business, it was only in the closing moment that a hasty chorus of appreciation was sung out to you and the Board. Deeper, heartfelt gratitude was needful of expression.

As a fairly recent newcomer to the LE scene, I want to thank you for conducting today’s meeting with finesse, coupled with warmth and encouragement. It was a blessing to attend.

Congratulations on a successful and productive year! It is evident that the realm of the new year is already looking bright with promise.

Very Sincerely,
Adena (Miller)
Fraser Valley Support Group

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